When I was a child, I used to think that studies were a gross encroachment on my play time. While I did not detest going to school, but that was not for studies – it was for my friends, games we shall play and the fun times we would have; the price of course for… Read More

What is corporate governance after all?

Tonnes of written analysis and hours of TV debates are taking place to evaluate the right and wrong of the squabble between Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry. This brings to the question – why so much raucous about corporate governance? My family watches their daily dose of soap operas through Tata Sky. Several of my… Read More

The finance team & the financing bank – how to get things going again

There is a new strain between the finance teams and the bankers these days. Here is a checklist on how to thaw that relationship all over again.   Among the finance circles, most conversations are nowadays hovering around whether debt proposals submitted are being looked into positively by the lenders? Bank funding challenges have become acute with… Read More

What can finance teams learn from the soccer World Cup?

Leadership lessons can come from any arena. The football field is great place to glean some new wisdom. Veteran finance head, Robin Banerjee enunciates a few learnings for the finance professionals and teams. The excitement around the world’s most watched sporting event just got over. The tantalizing moments of great goals and the heartbreaks among… Read More